Handheld drones are becoming more and more popular between children as well as adults. Almost every single electronics store sells drones. These drones come in different sizes and features depending on how much one is willing to spend on a drone. Drones are used by individuals in California as a hobby, but also by professionals to film movies and events such as weddings. As drones are operated by humans, and humans make mistakes, accidents as a result of drones can be quite common. Those accidents often lead to injuries to third party individuals, who had no involvement with the operation of the drone, or even knowledge that a drone was circling in the air above them.

When drones malfunction, or when drones are not properly operated by their owners, they can lead significant bodily injuries that can consist of just scratches, or most significant injuries such as broken bones, broken teeth, or brain injury. If drones are not properly operated, or if they malfunction, they can hit an individual at a high speed and with much force. As they are normally operated by flying in the air, a drone that falls on a bystander may result in significant injuries. In order to recover compensation for those injuries, and hold the offending parties liable, it is recommended that an injured individual contact an injury attorney in California.

Drone Accidents are a Real Thing

In November of 2015, a drone that was flying around in a park hit a tree and span around, ultimately crashing on a toddler. The little toddler’s eye was cut in half impairing the toddler’s ability to see. For more information about this incident, click here.

In September of 2016, a woman sued a Los Angeles University of Southern California fraternity as well as an event-planning company when a drone operated by the event planning company for the purpose of taking pictures fell on the woman, resulting a head injury and excessive bleeding. The woman complaint for injuries to her forehead and left eye. For more information about this incident, click here.

What Can An Attorney Do for You?

If you were injured as a result of a drone hitting your body, you may have a case against the owner of the drone and/or their insurance provider. An attorney can help you litigate your claims and assist in recovering compensation for your injuries. The California attorneys at Katz Law are experience in the field of personal injury law and stand ready to help you. After being retained, our attorneys will gather the facts of the case, investigate the scene of the accident, and make sure that you received (or are receiving) medical treatment for your injuries. Additionally, we will communicate with the at-fault party and their insurance company.

Consult With A Qualified Attorney Now!

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