Have you been involved in a motor vehicle collision? If so, KatzLaw is here to help. We provide a diverse array of legal services to help our clients recover damages for injuries sustained on the road. With the knowledge base at KatzLaw, our personal injury service includes, but is not limited to, recovering for:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Trucking Accidents

KatzLaw is determined to recover the highest possible award for your injuries.

Car Accidents


California is a large state that often requires the use of an automobile to maneuver from place to place. As a result, there is a huge amount of cars on the road, which translates to a significant number of car accidents. These car accidents often lead to serious injuries that entitle victims to recover damages for their pain and suffering. Unfortunately, those who do not retain a licensed attorney often end up recovering less than they deserve. This is why we always recommend hiring an aggressive attorney.

If you are involved in an automobile accident, call KatzLaw immediately. At KatzLaw, we are always ready and well-equipped to handle your case from its inception to its resolution. We will examine the evidence, and we may also visit the accident site to gather as much information as we can so that your recovery is maximized. Then, we will assess the total cost of your accident, including medical treatment, lost wages, the cost to repair or replace your car, as well as your pain and suffering. We will talk to the other driver’s insurance company in an effort to negotiate a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, KatzLaw is prepared to file a lawsuit on your behalf and, until we recover money for your injuries, you are not charged a penny for our services. Why wait? Contact us now!


Motorcycle Accidentsl-1

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents happen frequently in urban areas such as Los angeles where the population is high and there are many drivers on the road. Those who decide to use a motorcycle are at greater risk of an accident. Unfortunately, the risk of a motorcycle collision is even higher today due to traffic congestion and the popularity of cell phones, iPads, and other electronics where drivers are distracted behind the steering wheel. Although motorcyclists use safety equipment such as protective jackets and helmets, which can reduce the extent of injuries, they remain prone to serious bodily harm due to the size of a motorcycle in comparison to the size of a car or a truck.

Common motorcyclist accidents arise when unwary drivers pull out of an alley, side street, or parking lot without noticing the victim, or merely swerve and make an unsafe lane change without paying attention to their surroundings. Although these accidents occur frequently, there are laws in place that safeguard the rights of motorcyclists, and the attorneys at KatzLaw are ready to help victims achieve justice in recovering damages for their injuries. For example, California Vehicle Code 21804 mandates that all drivers entering a roadway yield the right of way to oncoming traffic. Similarly, California Vehicle Code 22107 forbids drivers from maneuvering between lanes until it is reasonably safe to do so with an appropriate signal on.

So, if you are the victim of a motorcyclist accident, and you want expeditious resolution of your case, contact us immediately or call us at (844) KATZ-LAW!


Trucking Accidents


Trucks, whether small as a pick up track or large as an 18-wheeler, are considered some of the most dangerous machines on the road. When there is a truck-involved collision, the person hit is placed in grave danger. Fortunately, the attorneys at KatzLaw stand ready and able to obtain the maximum compensation for victim of a  truck-involved collision.

Truck accidents may occur to due pure error by the truck driver or slippery roads, or driving at an excess speed, being inattentive to blind spots, failing to properly maintain the truck so that it is safe for public use (for example, failing to maintain the tires, which results in a blowout, or failing to get the breaks checked, which results in break failure). When a truck breaks too hard, the other impacted vehicle may go under the truck. Similarly, when a truck rollover occurs, the risk to other vehicles and potentially pedestrians is high. Because of the grave danger that accompanies operation of a truck,  California and federal laws and regulations are in effect that apply specifically to trucks, which regulate weight of commercial trucks, licensure, training, sleep hours, and the like. The attorneys at KatzLaw are abreast of the applicable laws and regulations, and they can readily determine when a violation occurs. To speak to an attorney regarding a trucking accident, contact us now or call us at (844) KATZ-LAW!

What do I need to do at the scene of the accident? 

One of the most important questions that arises in a motor vehicle collision is what to do right after an accident occurs. While it is easy to become confused and forget to acquire necessary information after an accident, KatzLaw encourages you to keep a checklist of phone numbers in your car, motorcycle, or truck to call in case of an emergency, including our easy to remember number (844-KATZ-LAW), as well as your insurance and registration papers all in one folder. This type of organization will enable preparedness and easy accessibility in case of an unfortunate motor vehicle collision.

We also recommend that you call the police for assistance and indicate whether you need medical assistance. Some insurance companies may not cover an accident unless there is a police accident report. Additionally, do not forget to obtain the names and badge numbers of any police officers who arrive at the scene. If the other party to the accident appears to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, inform the police of your suspicion when you call for help and when the police arrive.

Contact your insurance company as quickly as possible.  Most insurance companies will require you to provide the full names, addresses, and phone numbers of all individuals involved in the accident, which includes drivers and any passengers, pedestrians, and/or witnesses. Although your insurance company may be unwilling to cover the accident, you should always call to report the accident and call our office as well.

We recommend that you DO NOT answer any questions or make any statements to the other drivers’ insurance company until you have consulted with KatzLaw. Be polite, but kindly decline to discuss any aspects of the accident until you have obtained legal representation.

After the accident, we advise that you try to determine if anyone involved in the accident is injured, and take as many notes and pictures (using your cell phone or a camera). More specifically, we recommend that you gather the following information:

  • License plate numbers, makes, and models of vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Damage to the involved vehicles.
  • Pre-existing damage (e.g., broken tail lights, damage to the bumper, etc., that existed before the accident).
  • Time the accident occurred.
  • Weather and lighting conditions at the time of the accident.
  • Status of vehicles involves (e.g., privately owned, company owned, leased, or borrowed).
  • Insurance and registration status of all vehicles and persons involved—if any drivers were not the registered owners, get the registered owners’ names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Physical and mental state of the other party involved in the accident.
  • Any admission of liability for the accident.

If you have been seriously injured, you will likely be taken directly to a hospital emergency room by ambulance. However, even if you are not seriously injured, do not assume that you are not hurt. Many injuries that arise from a motor vehicle collision do not appear immediately, such as whiplash. If you begin to suffer pain from the accident, notify your health professional immediately. Note that some serious back injuries can arise as nothing more than aching but, left untreated, may cause major health difficulties. Further, if you do have injuries, the insurance company will later ask for proof that the problems were diagnosed and treated promptly, and that such injuries were related to the accident. Thus, it is important to keep documentation evidencing all treatment of injuries stemming from the subject accident.

Additionally, use your cell phone to take pictures AND video!  
Take as many photos as possible of the accident site (i.e., damage to the vehicles involved, license plates of all vehicles involved, individuals and potential witnesses involved, evidence such as street signs or lights, skid marks, etc.)


So if you are the victim of a motor vehicle collision, please contact KatzLaw immediately! We are always here to help!