KatzLaw represents real estate brokers sued or charged with a California Department of Real Estate violation. Real estate brokers are obligated to provide buyers and sellers with full disclosure and honest information regarding real estate properties and transactions. However, sometimes mistakes happen, and brokers are faced with a Department of Real Estate disciplinary action. At other times, brokers are wrongfully accused of failing to meet their fiduciary duties and obligations.

The attorneys at KatzLaw are well-versed in the rights and remedies available to real estate licensees who have been sued or are facing disciplinary action. We understand the need to protect the reputation and integrity of the real estate licensee while allowing him or her to focus on ongoing business instead of being distracted by unwarranted claims. As a broker himself, our founder, Lior Katz, understands the need to promptly resolve any issues that a real estate licensee may face.

As a real estate attorney, Lior knows the fiduciary and licensing requirements for brokers and the types of damages and methods of recovery available to plaintiffs suing a broker for negligence or breach of a fiduciary duty. KatzLaw is also familiar with legal defenses that best protect the broker’s real estate license.

So if you are a real estate licensee, or you are experiencing problems obtaining a real estate license, call us now at (844) KATZ-LAW or contact us here!