The Founder of KatzLaw, attorney Lior Katz, is a real estate broker licensed by the California Department of Real Estate. As a broker, Lior can help you in the purchase and/or sale of real estate. Buying and selling real estate carries many inherent risks and, whether you are buying a house or a commercial property, an experienced real estate lawyer can identify potential problems and provide solutions. This is work that many non-lawyer brokers just cannot do.

For example, issues may arise pertaining to a title defect, a lien, or an unresolved dispute over terms of a purchase agreement like contingencies and defect disclosures. An experienced real estate lawyer’s opinion and advice is invaluable protection for potential property buyers and sellers who confront such issues.

Further, an experienced attorney can help you negotiate better terms when buying or selling real estate, and the attorneys at KatzLaw can you help you change, or alter, any term or provision in your contract that is not in your best interest. You should never automatically agree to the terms in any contract. Rather, you should negotiate the terms that best protect you at the direction of a knowledgeable real estate attorney.

The cost of retaining our services is comparable to the cost of services provided by non-lawyer realtors and brokers. Thus, by retaining KatzLaw, you reap the benefits of hiring an experienced and skilled attorney to handle your purchase, sale, or lease of residential and commercial property at no extra cost.

So call KatzLaw now at (844) KATZ-LAW or contact us to set up an appointment!