It is now becoming more and more common for pedestrian to be injured due to distractions while using a cell phone. Accidents involving pedestrians in Los Angeles are on the rise. One cause for that is the increased use of cell phones while walking. Before, walking was an activity that that involved a person and nature. Now, walking often involves another object — a cell phone. The streets in Los Angeles are not becoming safer, and thus, the combination of “distracted pedestrians” and the dangerous roads of Los Angeles can lead to a deadly recipe.

Using a cell phone while walking in Los Angeles could result in the following (just to name a few)

  1. Slipping and Falling on sidewalks
  2. Getting hit by a driver of a vehicle
  3. Tripping on objects left on the road
  4. Not paying attention to police cars, ambulances, or firefighters who had turned on their sirens
  5. and more. . .

The above could result in catastrophic injuries to pedestrians, and even death.

Due to the dangers of “distracted pedestrians”, the Los Angeles Police Department initiated a campaign to educate the public about the dangers of the use of cell phones while walking in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department named this campaign “Look Up, Phone Down”. For more information about the campaign, click here to review an article by Fox 11.

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