Attorneys for Crosswalk Accidents Involving Pedestrians in Los Angeles and Santa Monica

Crosswalks is known as the safest location for people to cross from one side to another. What would we all do without crosswalks? Unfortunately, however, crosswalks are often not as safe as we want them to be. In fact, a month does not pass by without us learning that an individual in Los Angeles or Santa Monica was hit by another vehicle while crossing a sidewalk. It is often not the cars that are perpendicular to the sidewalk, but negligent drivers that are either making a right or a left onto a pedestrian crossing the crosswalk. Additionally, accidents often occur at night where crosswalks are not well lit and negligent drivers are not cautious. One area of major problems is Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica where crosswalks are not lit at all, and it is often difficult to see pedestrians crossing a crosswalk.

Fortunately for these pedestrian victims of crosswalk accidents in Los Angeles, there are injury attorneys who are here to help and can recover damages from the negligent driver who caused the accident, or the city.

What Can An Attorney Do for You?

If you were injured while a pedestrian crossing a crosswalk in Los Angeles or Santa Monica, you may have a case! An attorney can help you litigate your claims and assist in recovering compensation for your injuries. The California attorneys at Katz Law are experience in the field of personal injury law and stand ready to help you. After being retained, our attorneys will gather the facts of the case, investigate the scene of the accident, and make sure that you received (or are receiving) medical treatment for your injuries. Additionally, we will communicate with the at-fault party and their insurance company and (if we find good reason to) will go after the city.

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